Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Heard The Word "Toga"

So going out Friday night was good (Friday Night Special (Aaaaand The Jonas Brothers) ). It was good to get out without my kids, after dark. It was a perfect summer night, so we chose to all sit outside. I totally almost bailed too when I found out BUNCO was cancelled (but I made fruuuit diiiip...). That and the fact that I didn't want to feel weird hanging out with a bunch of ladies that were the best of friends and have been forever and a day, and then there's just me. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Sometimes that can be pretty uncomfortable. I barely know my friend that invited me. Our daughter's were in the same class together and we recently found out they live just around the corner from us. So we've chatted here and there. I thought it was so nice of her to invite me to BUNCO. Seriously felt like I had been invited to sit at the cool table. But when I found out it was cancelled and they were going out for drinks instead, I didn't want her to feel like she had to invite me to that just because BUNCO was cancelled. But she seemed genuinely disappointed when I told her I was gonna pass on going out. And as soon as I told her, I felt like a complete idiot, cuz why the heck should I not go out? I need to go out. I need to be with people that are 21 and over. Okay...31 and over. Okay, 41 and over. I'm holding down the fort here on the homestead quite a bit lately, so what is wrong with me that I don't jump, no make that do a somersault, a round off AND the splits, at the chance to get out and possibly make new friends? Relax. Get out of my house. Alone. Geezlaweez, sometimes I really question myself. So I called and begged for her to take me back and then take me out.

So it was fun. The ladies were awesome. Nice and Fun-nay. Their kiddos range from my girlies ages all the way up to high school. So there was a good bit of wisdom to soak in over my margarita. I realized that I'm not as social as I thought I was (ya think?), because my friend that invited me out just moved here last January and she has like 153 girlfriends. She briefed me on 53 of them on the drive up. She is a social animal. I guess I'm more monogamous when it comes to my friends. I've been here since last June and I've made some friends, but I seriously only have one close girlfriend here. I call her my soul friend. And I like it that way. That is how I roll. In fact, I kept thinking about her, and how she should be there too. I should have invited her too. Dang it. But I seriously have a handful of friends that I will share my deepest thoughts and secrets (well, them and YOU GUYS) know, and take a bullet for.

But these ladies were good buds. I'm pretty sure they'd take a bullet for one another. And there was one lady there who was totally "the cool mom". She brought her teenage son, his friend and a girl friend of theirs with her. The teenagers went to the movies while we ate, or walked the mall or did what teenagers do, but met up with us later (though sat at a separate table). But they kept coming over and talking to her. They liked her. Her son was hugging all over her. While we were talking, her cell rang and it was the younger sister of the girl that was with her son and friend (are you confused yet?). Anyhoo...she called to talk to Cool Mom, not her sister. This girl was telling Cool Mom how she was sad she was going to miss her gymnastics competition the next day, but she'd take pics and all for her. How flipping sweet. They were like totally having a conversation. This mom has now given me the goal to be the cool mom on my street. I want our house to be where all the kids want to hang out. I want to get cell phone calls from my daughter's friends to talk to me. Okay, so that might have been the margarita talking. But she was cool. AND she was going to Vegas (without hubby and kids) on Monday for a bachelorette party. In Vegas. I heard the word "toga".

So, it was pretty painless. They were good to me. They made me laugh and that is always good. They clued me in on the best neighborhood pool (and would we like to go next week?), the best time to go to Jazzercize, the joys of Boot Camp in the park (like that's gonna happen), where to buy the best picnic assortment (Rose's) for a day trip to local vineyards, and what a Cadillac is (the drink, not the car). I still don't know what it is. I'm just glad I'm still invited to BUNCO. I'll bring fruit dip.


Mrs. R said...

Fake it til you make it. That's what I say. Keep showing up and you might find a "soul" friend in there.

Lindsay said...

You sound like me. I was invited to Bunco last week but declined because I wasn't going to know anyone...until she told me that my neighborhood friend would be there, but I'd already said no. I'm like you: I prefer more monogamous friendships than the female free-for-all. I've only got so much of me to go around :)

I'm glad you had fun. You just gotta have some girl time every once in awhile.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you went, everyone needs a breather from "real life" and getting out with the girlies, even if you don't know them very well is always good!

Bunco rocks too! I haven't played in years, but have thought about getting a group together to start again!!

ugagirl30 said...

I wanna be the cool mom, too. But I have to keep reminding myself that I have to be cool before I can be the cool mom. I don't want to be my mom that purposely ran everyone off. But some, just some, of my teenage nieces and nephews like to hang out at my house and bring their boyfriends and girlfriends, who like to hang out at my house. So maybe they kinda think I'm cool. But they all think my husband is cool. He's a ROCKSTAR! Maybe he is my ticket to coolness.