Thursday, June 19, 2008

This Is Daddy Stuff

Now this is what you want to see when you give someone a gift! It was A's birthday this past weekend and her big gift was a bike. A big girl bike. She recently learned how to ride on two wheels (sans training wheels) and has been using her big sister's bike. That has caused a few arguments as they both want to ride bikes and there was no way A was going back to her "baby" bike. So we got her the bike. It was sooooo exciting.

Yeah, this story t'aint over yet. So to back track a bit, we picked out her bike at the big Toys R Us, and had them assemble it, so it would be all ready to go, cuz you know she was going to want to hop on it within seconds and as soon as this pic was over she was climbing on. But OF COURSE...of course, of course, of course...something was wrong. Cuz nothing EVER goes perfectly. We are good at being very not perfect. The bike was too big. It was a 20" instead of what we thought was an 18". I completely blame hubby, cuz this is his territory. This is daddy stuff. AND I even told him to make sure we got the right size. Details, baby. Details. Whatevs. So, on the bike, A could just touch her tip toes to the ground, and you know, that's just not gonna work. So I tell her we can take it back and get the right one. And she was all..."'s okay, L can have this one and I'll have L's." (and the crowd goes wiiiiild!) I have to pause for a second and be proud of my girl, cuz this is kind of a huge moment that is quite rare. (Pause)

So long story short. L got a new bike for A's birthday. And (for now) the world (otherwise known as our street) is a happy place. And we don't have to go buy another bike.

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