Monday, June 2, 2008

Boogey Momma and All

The other day, A had the bad hiccups (heeeeeccups, as we say). This was like the third day in a row she has had them off and on.


"Momma, I'm falling apart!"


"I don't wanna be Mrs. Hiccup girl!"

So we tried all the tricks to get rid of them--holding her breath, drinking the water, standing on her head. Finally, I told her to go sit on the couch in the living room and wait for me. I told her not to peek and everything. She must've thought I was bringing her something good. A surprise. A treat.


Like the good and loving Momma that I am, I snuck up behind the couch on all fours and popped up behind her with a trememdous, "BOOOOO!"

She hopped up about three feet in the air, her body vibrating in terror (she probably wet her pants a little)...and then the tears. Lots of tears. Those genuine, scared-o-the-boogey-man tears. Of course, I'm right there, taking her in my arms, kissing, kissing (sorry, sorry, sorry, baby, Momma had to scare the hiccups away...).

I hold her little face in my hands and make her look at me. "Anymore hiccups?" (kiss, kiss, kiss)

I can see her little, precious mind working. Then she smiles and says, "Nope." Then she laughs. It's funny now. She wants me to do it again. So of course, I do.


Shanna said...

Classic! I love scaring my kids! Hiccups must be going around because my daughter has been getting them a lot this week. Maybe it's all the excitement of school being out and summer officially being here? :)

Jennifer P. said...

THat's never worked for me before! Maybe I'll just have to have YOU come over and scare me!

Carrie said...

You are so lucky that all she did was pee, that kind of behavior can totally scare the $h*t out of an unsuspecting kid AND put them in therapy!

Amanda Jo said...

This made me laugh out loud, bless her heart!

By the say, I found you through SITS!!!

Jessica G. said...

Now that is a good moment in parenting! :)

Found you through SITS!