Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Secret Is In The Sauce

See that fancy pants button over there on the left side of the screen? That cutie patootie one that says, The Secret is in the Sauce? Yep, that one. You're totally gonna wanna click on that baby and head on over there, cuz it's nothing but a good time. You get to get your blog out there and discover more blogtastic writers out there! You *won't* be sorry! Go get your blog on, baby!
P.S. There's an amazing contest going on over there too! Now get! ;D


Mrs. Parks said...

Guess what!
Two things...
I found your blog on SITS
I'm from kinda right around Portland : }

How Fun!

Mrs. Romero said...

Two additional contest entries for you! Thanks for the shout out! We love our Sunshine!

Carrie said...

Been there, done that, hoping to walk away with atleast a tee shirt.

Lindsay said...

Just stopping in from the Secret is in the Sauce. Have a great day!