Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jacuzzi In The Room

Apparently I was in dire need of a getaway with my hubby, leaving my precious kiddos, the dog and cat (and litter box) home with grandma. Last Friday, I went in for an MRI on my achey breaky heart. Don't worry folks, I'm gonna live, but it had to be done. So anyway, you know it's bad when you actually enjoyed laying inside that (let me get a little morbid here) coffin shaped mini-construction site sounding tunnel of not-love for an hour and a half. You know it's bad when you can't move at all for that long too. You know it's bad, that when it was time to come out of that claustrophobia inducing space capsule, you were a little bit disappointed. Lil' bit. You think I would've slept in there. That's what hubby said to do. "Just sleep." First of all, I can't just sleep. He, however, can fall asleep mid-sentence--him doing the talking. I think I meditated though. I was definitely not "there". I'm thinking I was in Australia.
You know what it was? There was no kid noise. Kid noise is totally separate from every other kind of noise. If you're a parent, you know the difference. It's just constant. My oldest is going through a drumming phase. She drums on everything. She recently asked me, "How come you don't like to hear me drum?" I told her, "Because basically babe, it's loud." I go on to say, "When you are a drummer in a band some day, Momma will come hear you play every single time, but right now, sweet girl, it's just loud. Now run along and play with your Pet Shoppe."

Enter hubby. As you know, he planned a blessED retreat for us at the beach (Good Thing I'm Already "In" ). It was just what I needed (minus the spilled clam chowder in my lap). Him too (he's a busy guy). I think the last time we did that was...never. At least since we've had the girlies. Not a lot of alone time. Pre-kiddos we were probably too poor. We went camping. Slept in the back of the SUV...w/the dog. Yeah, totally not the same. Can you say...jacuzzi in the room?

So thanks hubbs. You did good. I thank you from the bottom of my achey breaky heart (don't worry folks, I'm fiiiiine, just being dramatic). We're gonna have to do that again (please?).

P.S. The pic is of me...what me looks like relaxed.
P.S.S. I realize you need a paragraph break in that monster of a first paragraph, but if I put a pic in, it gets all messed up and it won't let me. I totally need to take a class. Just so you know, I'm aware. :)


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Kid noise... I miss that.

I'm glad you got to get away - what a special treat!

Mrs. S said...

I'm in need of the same thing. We're still poor so probably w/o the jacuzzi but take a long soak for me.

Jennifer P. said...

Glad everything was ok! You look uber happy in that photo---like a woman on vacation with just her husband!

I LOVE your new blog! Every really good blogger needs something that just says "this is me!"

And your hubby is hilarious. A little long-winded :)--but he should totally guest blog on a regular basis!

Sunshine said...

Jennifer p.--Hubby long-winded? Welcome to MY world! Tee hee...well, he IS long-winded AND funny. Balance is key. :)

By the way...thanks for the compliments...I *love* them (keep 'em coming! just kidding. no I'm not.)!!

Sunshine said...

hot tub lizz--love your "name" by the way (wish I would've thought of it)--I look forward to the day when I miss that kid noise. :)

mrs. s--I did have a good soak. The rules of the jacuzzi in yer room were: after 8 a.m., before 10 p.m. This place was very grown up and considerate. It was a nice and quiet place we stayed. No kiddos allowed. So very quiet. I wish for you to go somewhere like that sometime in the very near future.