Monday, July 14, 2008

I Am So 15!

So this morn, I get a text from my sis, (age 25), at it goes a little something like this:

The New Kids On The Block are back together lol! New song called Summertime!! I can't stop laughing. u have 2 c the video :)

First off, I am quite aware they are back together. I have two girlies under the age of 8, so Disney Channel Radio is on all the time, and so is that song, "Summertime." My girls LOVE it. I *never* would have imagined, when I was 15, that I'd be sitting in the mall parking lot, listening to NKOTB with my girls. Never. Back then I was too busy ripping posters out of Teen Beat and rewinding my VCR and pausing at just the right spot. Frankly I'm a little embarrassed for the boys now. I mean, have you heard the lyrics to this song? Aren't they like MY age? Like very close to um...40 or something? Didn't someone tell them?

BUT, after getting that text, of course I had to find and watch the video on You Tube. Immediately. Cuz my sis told me to. So my girls and I spend a good chunk of the morn watching MANY NKOTB videos. I could. not. stop. It was like a bunch of their old videos. I found myself smiling, getting giddy watching these videos (What the heck?)...I KNOW! How do I go from Foo Fighters to NKOTB within days? How does this happen? I don't know what to say, except I'm obviously a very complicated girl. It's just that I LOVED these boys when I was 15. I don't need to get into detail, but I seriously would have been one of those girls at their concert bawling my eyes out (as we were watching "Hanging Tough," my girls asked me why girls were crying in the audience. Through tears, I answered, "They do it for love girls, love.")

I loved all the boys. I spent an entire summer writing each of them (minus Jordan, my best friend declared him hers, all hers). Declaring my love. All summer, every day...letters to the NKOTB. I think I got a postcard back. I didn't care...they were MY BOYS. Wait, I wasn't gonna get into detail. But it's okay, I'm 35 (35), and secure in my maturEDness. Hey...I'm fun. Let's just say that. So yeah, I'm afraid, very afraid, that I *might* be persuaded to go see them in concert. I *not* tell anyone. But my sister is very persuasive. I fear I'm one text message away from it. I'm highly impressionable. My sis did get us hooked on High School Musical in a big way, can you say COUNTDOWN until October when HSM3 comes out? That's right.

So yeah...that 15-yr-old in me made her appearance this morning and I fear that she is just nothing but t.r.o.u.b.l.e. She usually is.

For your viewing pleasure I have added a You Tube reel thingy at the bottom of the screen of various NKOTB videos. I know. You can thank me later (send See's Vanilla Butter cream, dark chocolates, please). Seriously. Go have a look see. Cry a little. Nobody has to know.

**Don't forget to pause my play list thingy so you can hear the boys.


Miss Ava said...

Hello, just blog hopping. Just wanted to say that there is no reason for you to be embarrassed to want to go to a NKOTB concert. I, myself, am going to be attending 6 concerts, 5 of which I'm going with VIP tickets, ranging from $350 - $425 each! In case you haven't been keeping up, Donnie, the one who initiated the reunion, has something up his sleeve for the fans, says his brother Mark. They are constantly surprising us every week with something. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us. Check out or From one fellow Blockhead to another, just wanted to say welcome back to NKOTB hysteria! They missed us very much! :)

Sunshine said...

Very LOL! So what you're saying is that I need to become VERY good friends with you, correct? ;D

WOW! 6 concerts? Okay, you are #1! Have fun! ;D And thanks for all the info! :)

Jennifer P. said...

You have already been subjected to my post about my love for these boys! I took it a step further than just writing---I actually sent them my picture, and left kiss marks on the bottom of the paper with my bonne belle lip gloss!!!

I didn't think they looked too bad-- Jon actually got a lot better looking--but they can't hide how ridiculous it all is to be dancing like some 20 somethings! I think it was put out as a mother/daughter bonding thing. Ya know, like the dad/son Transformer thing---we got NKOTB reuniting.

Please, please let us know if you go to the concert :)!

Also, I don't need to click on your You Tube link. Lucky me still has the whole Hangin' Tough series of videos on VHS. Why I hung onto it, I do not know---but I admit I have watched it a few times over the past 20 years :)!

Sunshine said...

Jennifer--I remembered you as I was typing this out today. Ha ha...I knew you *understood* the NKOTB love. ((thank you for actually commenting about it))

Funny you mention the VHS's...ha ha...I have the Hangin' Tough one. Yeah baby! I think it's in my attic. I just know...I kept it. What can I say? I'm a sentiMENTAL girl...;D And I *SO* didn't look online to see if I could get tix today or anything!

P.S. Jon DOES look pretty good. Loving the glasses and I ALREADY have a beef about the Summertime video...WHERE IS DANNY? He's like totally *not* in it. Poor Danny.
I'm just saying...

John Deere Mom said...

We could be the same person. I wsa confident I was going to marry Donnie back in the day. AND I downloaded Summertime yesterday!

Liesl said...

Don't be embarassed! Well, I liked the NKOTB when they came out, but I listened to their songs and that was it (but Jordan was my favorite). I was never obsessed with a boy band. You know, there was Menudo before that! With Ricky Martin on board!

Oh, and did I mention I'm going to see George Michael live later this month? Love him! My first "grown-up" concert in 10 years! LOL

Sunshine said...

John Deere Mom--LOL! I absolutely love that you downloaded "Summertime" yesterday. Great minds think alike. Great, silly minds.

Oh and did you notice Danny didn't get ANY face time on the vid? Like I think he was in the background for like one sec. If I really cared about such things, that would REALLY BUG me. I might have to write a letter or something. ;D

Sunshine said...

Renata--Hey baby! I should be embarrassed, but I'm not *that* embarrassed. Yeah...I like boy bands. What can I say?

Oh...did you know Menudo has a new song out? I listen to WAY too much Playhouse Disney Radio. But I am so "in the know"...I tell you.

And congrats to going to something OTHER than Wiggle concerts. I mean that's all GOOD, cuz you know...we love our Wiggles, but you know...George Michael. It's time girl. It's time. :)

Rph Mommy said...

Oh girl, I hear you. I want to go, but the closest concert to me is 3 hours away on a Wednesday night. What's up with that?

They've definitely aged well.

Sunshine said...

rph mommy--What's a little driiiive? Ha ha...And yes, they look all riiiiiight. It's not fair, really. ;D