Friday, July 11, 2008

Best Triangle Solo Ever!

I'm totally cooler than I thought I was. We went to see Foo Fighters last night, per hubby's request. I totally tried with all my might to make it a "Guy's Night," but that didn't work out. Momma had to go. It's just that I couldn't even remember ONE song Foo Fighters sang and even worse, couldn't imagine even what they looked like (I'm very visual--it helps). It's kind of out of my usual Josh Groban, Coldplay, Crowded House, Wiggles play list. I know. So I was a little lost and I feared it would be REALLY loud and long. And it was. BUT it was out without the kids and that is all good.

So the show starts at 7:00 p.m. And when the first warm up band comes on (Minus the Bear), I got busy text messaging my girlfriend, cuz I was b.o.r.e.d. Already. I know. It was really loud and screechy. I thought I left my girls at home. I needed something to do. Nachos? No, but the nachos of the guy sitting behind me did smell wonderful. So I check out the crowd. We are an interesting bunch. We've got the teeny rockers (with their mom's hiding out by the sound booth) all the way up to the 60-yr-old Harley riding (he had a "Sturgis" shirt on) rocker. So I text message and send girlfriend loud, screechy concert blurps so she can feel my pain. I believe it went a little something like this: Help.

So by the time the second band started playing (Supergrass), I started warming up to the idea. The drummer had on THE COOLEST red pants. That drew me in. And they had accents. Always a good thing. However, I'm still old and very motherly, sitting up in the nosebleed seats. Still haven't made my "I'm cooler than I thought" metamorphose. I'm giving the stink eye to the kids (and one 40-yr-old man child) down in the mosh pit. That man child is starting to make me mad. He took his shirt off and keeps nailing 14-yr-old kids in the head with his elbow. I know that's what you do in a mosh pit. That's the point, but I'm still being the mom way up there. Man child ignores me. So I try to focus on the band, and cat call to the drummer (I'm sure he can hear me), cuz he just looks flipping cool in those red pants. I like him. I'm starting to adapt to the whole atmosphere. Blossom, if you can say that at a rock concert.

Finally, Foo Fighters come out. Right from the get go, it was amazing. I'm getting cooler by the second. That boy can scream. Hubby is in H.E.A.V.E.N. He doesn't have the lung capacity of Dave Grohl, but he's reeeally trying to keep up. I don't even recognize my hubby. I love the fact that after being with him for 15 years now, I've just learned something about him. He likes to rock. Awesome.

I'm actually liking this. No, loving it. We stand THE ENTIRE concert. Everyone does. They played for over 3 hours (not including the other bands). They came back out for an encore and played 5 more songs! They played foooooorever. Itwasawesome! We got in the car at 11:27 pm. to go home. I've never danced my arse off in such a small area in my life. I think they played like 30 songs. And I actually knew about 6 songs. Two of which I have immediately added to my play list. I was a Foo Fighters fan all along. Who knew? So from the first concert to now...I have morphed from the bored, text-messaging, stink-eye givin', 35-yr-old, OLD lady up in the nosebleed seats, to a 19-yr-old girl (it was a good year) who can rock until the wee hours of the morning and cat call like a mothaah. Plus I'm pretty sure Dave looked at me more than once. Very exciting. I got cool. And sweaty. And I lost my voice.

So a few highlights, cuz this just t'aint long enough:

* My sister, Star, was sitting two rows in front of us, jamming her arse off with her laptop. No lie. Okay, it wasn't my sister, but it sure looked like her, and she did have her laptop. I've never seen that before at a concert.
*We got a good whiff of some mariJUana up in the nosebleed seats. I was like, "Ooooh...I smell smell that, hun?" He looked at my naive self and said, "That's pot." Then I go on to say, "Ooooooh, is it part of the show?...Like FF are making it smeeeeell like pot?" Hubby looks at me (blink blink blink) and says, " No." I wasn't cool at that point of the concert.
*Dave has the same hairstyle as I do.
*A surprise second stage they brought down from the sky, for the "sucky seats" was so cool to hear Dave say "sucky seats," he has a thing with "S's". But that was cool of them to do. To think of the little people in the "ssssssucky sssssseatssss".
*Then there was the triangle solo. Dave was introducing the band and everyone would do a little solo thingy. Then he got to the triangle player (I think he was actually a percussionist--had a huge xylophone...I know. Oh, and they also had a violinist. Awesome.) And Dave was teasing the boy about being a 38-yr-old triangle player. And the crowd went wiiiild. Dave goes, "Oh my God, I think they want a triangle solo." So a triangle solo we got. And it was good. Very good. I was shocked. Apparently they rehearsed that baby. It was seriously the "best" triangle solo I've ever heard! The only one I've ever heard, but still. Totally didn't know we were getting that when we bought the tickets!
So yeah. It was awesome. And even though Dave liked to say the "F" word (he reeeeally liked to say the "F" word--it's his favorite), and all that noise has caused permanent hearing loss, and my legs are very upset with me this morn that I stood in one spot for 4 1/2 hours straight, I had a great time. A rockin' time, you might say. I even told hubby so. He didn't hear me, but I think he could feel me. Feel the Foo Fighter happiness oozing from my 19-yr-old body. A good time was had. Thank you Foo Fighters! You most definitely do rock us all night long (we did "love you long time"--Dave said that).
**P.S. I know you need the paragraph breaks and all, but again, I have to remind you of my lack of computer skills...or my lack of figuring out Blogspot's editing options. Every time I add a pic, it messes up my post! Muy frustrating, but just know that I am aware.


Lula! said...

Awesome...I was right there with ya. Please tell me they did "My Hero," 'cause yeah, I know it's one of their more well-known numbers, but it is so hard rockin'. I am a sucker for a good rock song with a heavy drum beat. Love. It.

Sunshine said...

Lula--YES, they did "My Hero," and it is listed on my playlist thingy on my blog...just Go to it! :)

Thanks so much for the comment!

Liesl said...

Foo Fighters is nice! So you do enjoy something other than the wiggles... LOL. I love Supergrass, I saw them live, like, 10+ years ago. All of a sudden I feel old. Oh, hold on, let's sing together "We are young, we are free, keep our teeth nice and clean..." (you must have LOVED it, according to your dentist post LOL):P

Sunshine said...

Renata--Hey babes! I had nooooo idea you were a fan of FF! We just learn something every day, don't we? And Supergrass? Wow...should I like bow down to you or something? What don't you know?

And my teeth are very clean and cavity free now! So the song means a lot. :)