Monday, July 28, 2008

What's Been Going On

I'm ready to write. It's been like 13 days! One thing I learned in College, something that actually stuck with me, is to write what you know. Since I had the kiddos, my writing took a serious back seat, because I forgot that (or was just too plain busy figuring out parenthood...a journey that continues). Well, lately the light bulb flipped back on and it hit me to write about my life (which is why I started blogging). See, I've been happy. And I used to think that my "good" writing came out of not being happy. "In the thick of it," so to speak. And that's true also. It was free therapy. But I have also found that I like writing about happy. And as not exciting as my life may seem--the whole very married with children bit-- (though sometimes it really is rather thrilling...we have our moments), it's what I know. My hubby's college roommate and BFF, lives in Switzerland. I always feel bad for hubby when he gets an e-mail from his friend, cuz HIS life IS really exciting. It's the "what couldda been" for my hubby. But, I'm pretty sure our life has been pretty exciting the last 13 days or here it is. I'll try to take it easy and not overwhelm you all right away. Kind of spread it out (well, that and I have to you know, do the mom/wife stuff--I have priorities)...

Here it is (drum roll pleeease): We went on vacation. To California. To Disneyland/California Adventure/Legoland. No, I didn't meet Chris Martin (though I feel as if I know him so much better) and I am not pregnant (just in case you thought I was...cuz usually that is some big news). We went on vacation. To California. To Disneyland/California Adventure/Legoland.

We drove...and now, you get to read ALL ABOUT IT. We had ups and downs. We had fires and brew pubs. We saw family. A lot of family. We had high gas prices. We had Mickey. We had motion sickness. We had tears. We giggled. We stayed up until midnight like every night. We made friends. There was a Bat Mobile. We had margaritas. And Cadillacs. We had the Golden Gate bridge. We used to have money. We have pictures. We have lots of laundry.

So that's it. That's the big secret. I hope you're not too let down. But it's totally what I've known for the last 13 days and I'm pretty bad about keeping secrets...I was afraid I'd give it all away (if I tried to not write about it)...I always bust out laughing and the jig is up. I have no poker face. But really. I seriously didn't want my house getting broken into.

So stay tuned. I took notes. I dreamed about blogging. I got it all up here (points to noggin')! So please come back. I'll have snacks. And wine and Fresca.


Liesl said...

Ah, that was the big secret tee hee. Well, what i wanted to share is we plan on doing the same route next year. We want to do the San Diego-Seattle drive, stopping at DL of course, maybe Universal, and of course seeing you guys will be a big part of it. Thomas is excited. I've started saving the $, and hopefully gas will not be as expensive next year. Can you buy it in advance, like @ Costco, just to keep the price? :P

Sunshine said...

Renata--Sounds good to me! And the kiddos! It's a good drive...whew is it ever a good long drive! I know how much you all love Disney. Make sure to get Legoland in the mix. So fun. :D

And yes...stopping here is a MUST. Absolutely.

xoxo back at ya!

Jennifer P. said...

Welcome home!!! It sounds like you guys had an all-american family adventure!!!

i loved your comment about life needing to be crazy in order for you to be a good writer. I felt the same way---that somehow it was the chaos fueling my writing, especially my poetry. But, I promise, good stuff can be produced at a happy place in your life too. Just keep writing and we'll keep reading ;)!

Sunshine said... of my favorite people ever! Hey girlie! are correct...very Chevy Chase vacation. Seriously. We almost had a Christie Brinkley moment. Ha ha...

And I think this is one of the big ol' reasons I love gets it. I read your stuff and I'm like...mmmmhmmmmm...tell it sista! And thanks for the encouragement. It just feels good to be writing again. Lucky for you, I don't get as much pleasure out of just sitting down and copying the phone book, right? Cuz I could totally do that. But I won't. That would take a reeeeally long time. :)

Okay...major boring tangent there.

As you were. ;D