Sunday, May 30, 2010

You Might As Well Laugh

How much does an ark cost?  I really want to get a travel trailer, but these days it seems like an ark makes WAY more sense.  It's raining.  Still.  I need it to stop doing this.  I'm not originally from Oregon, but even Oregonians are complaining and true Oregonians don't complain about the rain.  It seriously feels like November.  There was a ray of hope that this weekend was going to be a nice one, that we were going to actually make it into the 70's and the good ol' sun would make an appearance.  I'm still waiting on her, sunglasses and flip flops poised and ready.   

Given that The Hubbs is home for a minute, we were really looking forward to the looooong weekend and doing stuff outside.  Like the beach.  We were going to do that yesterday,  but decided to go to OMSI instead, look at stuff and stay dry. It was a good choice. 

After we shut OMSI down, we had some hot wings here-- Then we stopped at Lloyd Center to walk the mound of chicken wings and sweet potato tots off.  Exercise.  Our last stop was Barnes and Noble. The girls had some allowance burning a hole in their pockets, so while they perused the chapter books, I too looked at books (of course) and then cards.  I've been taking it old school lately and trying to communicate like we used to, back in the olden days.  I don't want to lose that form of communication in this techy world we live in. We still need to do these things.

Eventually, in my reading of many cards, I came across a series of cards by "QuoteUnQuote" and found myself laughing out loud.  This happens often.  I encourage it.  I'm totally going to live longer, because I let stuff out. I had to buy every single one of them cards.  I don't even know who they are going to yet, but I could not walk away without having them in my hot little hands.  This will make people I know laugh.  And that's my favorite part.  Enjoy--and don't be surprised if one of these cards shows up in your mailbox. 

You're welcome.

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