Sunday, May 16, 2010

This That & Some Other Stuff

Catch up time.  So, since the last time, stuff has happened.  I turned 37, on Cinco de Mayo which is like the best day ever-ah to have your birthday.  I totally love my birthday!  I love the idea of the universe revolving around you for one day, the birthday wishes, the cake and the presents! I could not wait to quote the dad on Modern Family and say, "I can't think of anything I don't want" for my birthday, on my Facebook status. I honestly think the older we get the MORE we should celebrate--we should be celebrating our big day the grown up equivalent of Chuck E. Cheese parties.  What WOULD be the equivalent?  I don't really like Chuck E. Cheese (not even a little), but the kiddos sure do--did (they are so over the big mouse these days).  But you know what I mean (read my mind).  We should be celebrating--big.  We're alive to see another...!! 

Birthday Margarita--a must.

My Girl Val and I celebrating "37".

Let's see, what else...I finished my big PTO duties for the year.  I was really smart back in August, when we were scheduling all our PTO stuff, and I lined up two of my really big jobs back to back.  I was in charge of Rex Reader and Staff Appreciation Week.  Holy Smack was I busy and QUITE the little bossy thang.  I'm pretty sure my PTO peeps are still friends with me, but they could totally be pretending, cuz they totally saw another side of Sunshine the last couple o' months.  I felt like I was on The Apprentice.  Lost a little sleep, I did.  But everythang went so smoothly, no doubt to my fantastical PTO peeps and the momma's that I peer pressured into volunteering.  And that I can boss real good.  The last two days of Staff Appreciation Week I got sick, sick, sick though--entirely predictable when I get busy, busy like that.  I managed to get two PTO peeps sick along with me AND one of their boyfriends AND my neighbor.  What can I say?  I have a gift.

I promised myself not to clean my house until after all that stuff in the above paragraph and now I've got one big mess to clean up.  I feel like moving and just starting all over--that's how messy my house is right now. I'm actually giving furniture away so I don't have to dust it.  I'm learning people, I'm learning.  Next year, I will plan my activities with down time in between AND pay someone to clean my house for me during those activities--AND walk the dog, brush my girls' hair and make sure they have clean socks.

Mother's Day weekend was a gift.  I had one of the best weekends with my own little family, that I've had in a loooong time.  The sun was out and The Hubbs was home for once (did I mention he's been home like 3 days out of the entire two months?  So there was that too in the second paragraph too.).  We filled it up with a sweet bike ride up to New Seasons (prolly about a mile or so) and had lunch there, outside.  We picked out fancy cheese, crackers, Spanish nuts, foo foo drinks and grilled cheese for the chick-a-dees and ate outside in the sunshine.  Then we rode our bikes back the long way and took the dog-child up to the park for a long walk.  It was a beautiful, beautiful day. 

Sunday we a had (let me be specific) Cinnamon Burst French toast (Great Harvest bread, y'all) and turkey bacon (bacon, bacon, bacon).  Then I got all fancy pants and copied picnic food ideas out of Family Fun magazine and we went on a picnic to the Rhododendron Garden.  Another beautiful, perfect day out with my family. We finished it off with a Mother's Day/Birthday family BBQ. Good food, good people, badminton, strawberry shortcake and a gift certificate for a spa.  Let me just tell you that I needed this entire paragraph.

Bike Ride

This makes me happy.

I love this, a-very much.



I love pretty things.

Next up dance recitals and summer.  I spent $74 on dance tights this week. Within ten minutes, A-girl lost her ballet pink tights (of course she did) and I had to go back and GET MORE ballet pink tights.  You have no idea how freakity I get over losing tights and ballet/tap/jazz shoes this time of year.  And the stress of tying head bands in my girls' hair that undoubtedly will pop off two seconds into their performance, is probably taking a couple days off of my life.  I hate doing my girls' hair for things like this. There is always tears.  Always. ((OOOOOOOLIVIAAAA)) The fact that I've been a girl for 37 years now, means NOTHING when I go to do her hair.  I'm stressed just typing this out.  I would let her do her own hair, but I know that's gonna come back to bite me in the arse years from now when she's looking back at her dance pictures and freaking out that I let her do her own hair ("Look at all the bumps!").  I know this.  I have been there, looking back at pics from my adolescence and wondered why no one helped a sistah out.  She will thank me later. I rely on the thank yous at a later time OFTEN.

Well, alas, my blogging time is over.  Now to go count tights and dance shoes and brush the bumps out for the dance performance today.  I've gotta go make some blogging material.  Toot-a-loo!

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Rena said...

I'm glad to hear you had a great birthday, Sunshine. I loved seeing all your photos!