Thursday, April 8, 2010

This Is What We Do

I've got some catching up to do and the easiest way for me to do this is through pictures, cuz I'm very busy making memories.  And taking pictures.  Now, as you look at these, it's gonna look like I drink a lot (which i totally do), but remember that I haven't blogged since February and I've been on vacation aaaand I'm a grown up.  But I really do a ton of stuff in between, which makes my Happy Hours totally appropriate and very happy.  And it's only an hour.  Aaaand I'm totally explaining the drinking way too much which makes it look worse.  Let's just do this!

Addy-girl was in her first fashion show ever.  It was at Nordstrom's it was (sorta) free (can you say 15% off all ding dong day?), it was at the crack of dawn, her friend was there, she totally didn't smile when it was her turn to walk down the runway and her shoes light up when she walks.

Josh & Nicoleta getting in from Italy!!! Kind of a big deal.  I hadn't seen my brother in two years and it was very exciting to meet Nicoleta for the first time!

We made signs.

Then we had a bridal shower and the girls got dressed up (and apparently forgot shoes).

We had to introduce Nicoleta to American bridal shower traditions.

Of course we had to have a little *Portland* celebration for Nicoleta, at Mint 820.

Next up, the beach.

I love everything about this picture!

The girls taking full advantage of the pool.  At the Oregon Coast. In March.

How did a bunny get in here?!  Lucky bunny at the beach.

The girls and Uncle Josh exploring.

Cape Foulweather.

Who ever gets to hold a live starfish and then have her brother take an awesome picture of it?  Me.


Celebrating a fun afternoon of Nicoleta finding THE WEDDING DRESS, at  Wine:30,  a local wine bar we were so happy to find and make it ours.

Someone had a birthday!

Out on a Wednesday night, with the girls for a wine tasting and meal at Alu.

I can explain.  So after Alu with the ladies (shown above), we might've gone to a fire station, just for fun, cuz we do that . After finding out that there wasn't a fire pole, a huge disappointment, I made the best of it and  found it incredibly cute that they had a pineapple upside down cake on the counter, in the process of being eaten by hand.  Even better, a shopping list that said, "Nutmeg."  How flipping cute is that?  Firemen.

Does this firetruck make me look fat?

Last week we went to see my boyfriend, Michael Buble.  We might've almost got into a fight before the show even started, cuz the guy sitting behind us was an idiot. We made friends with the ladies in front of us who "had our back", and managed to not get kicked out of the concert AND enjoy ourselves a-very much. My boyfriend has some pipes. I tell you what.  I'm pretty sure I made eye contact with my him from the 300 level. Oh, and I might've called New Zealand. You might be curious.

Here's a picture of the idiot behind us.  He did NOT know who he was messing with. We are feisty.

My boyfriend, doing what he does. 

Gotta support my boyfriend!

Well, that's it for now.  Take five. 


Jen said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. I wish I had the energy to live your life for even just ONE night! You rock, girlie! xoxo

Jenny said...

You have been busy!

Love the starfish photo. That is brilliant.

I laughed at the 'idiot' behind you too.