Monday, April 12, 2010

I Need To Go Home Today, And I Need To Cry

This is like the third time I've tried to start writing this post!  I've had to start over, because I go to talk about The Time Traveler's Wife, to transition into my next paragraph, to get to what I really want to talk about, and instead I keep trying to explain the book to you (so that you will like me).  All I really need to say is I read the book and I like it. I recommend you read it, but really, you decide. Period. That's the end of this paragraph. (smile)

Anyway, ever since the movie version came out, I've wanted to see it.  I love Rachel McAdams to pieces. Love.her. I finally watched it over the weekend and though it wasn't The Notebook (favorite movie of all time), I got sucked in (again, I totally want to analyze the book for you right here and explain exactly why I got sucked in). Mooooviiiiing on.  Well, let me tell you, that sucker made me cry. I, capital "C", Cried. It was one of those cries that takes you by complete surprise.  The kind that you had no idea you wanted to even cry, kind of cry.  Like, you're crying way more than really fits what just happened or what was just said in the movie, kind of cry. Like, you have to pause the movie, kind of cry.  Yeah.

I'm a sensitive soul, but I can tough it out.  I can yell, stew and pout like a champ, but I don't really cry a lot.  You can read me like a book, and I may shed a tear over something sappy, but weeping?  That's rare.  Apparently I needed to have the good cry.  I can't even remember what in the movie set it off.  But it was a good thing the kidlets were asleep and The Hubbs was out of town.  The Hubbs would've been, "What's wrong with you, woman?" and called 911.  I did have the dog and the cat to keep me company, and even they were thrown.  The cat paced, nervously meowing, and the dog avoided eye contact and wanted out. 

I guess sometimes, things just build up.  I know that this week has the potential to be a bad one (more to come on that), and I guess I've been thinking a lot (I'm a thinker) about some things connected with that and then some.  I might be a little stressed out, as an Occasional Single Mom, and I do have a lot on my PTO plate, but I just usually get a cold sore and get 'er done.  

Afterwards I was raw, puffy and drained. But it felt good to empty out. It rejuvenated me in a way.  It's like how you feel when you've been sick and you haven't been able to smell or taste anything, then all of a sudden you can and you realize how good everything smells and tastes.  It felt like I could breathe again and I didn't even know I was holding my breath. Would it be weird to send Netflix a thank you note?
I want to share one of my favorite funny people ever who really describes what a good cry is.  You totally need to watch this. You will laugh, you might even want to cry a good one.  Just make sure the kidlets don't hear, cuz it's for big ol' weepy grown ups only.  Watch this.


Jen said...

LOVE the Dane Cook video. Too funny. Too realistic!

You're rockin' awesome. I mean it. :)

Care said...

Sunshine, now, we know that you are a "sensitive", warm, caring, woman, mom, wife and "aunt", yes, you are still Aunt Sunshine!

I could see your niece looking down and wishing that she were cuddled on the couch with you, the animals and having "her time" with you and watching the movie.

She would ask, "why are you weeping", then she would dry your tears and give you a big "true" hug. Or she would understand why you were, as she may have caught the emotion "before you", she did that alot.

As this week began today, actually yesterday, at church, I prayed and sang and lifted my hands to the Lord!(and our niece) much to say.....

Sunshine said...

Jen--I ('m in) love (with) Dane too! (did you see how cute he was??? Did Victor Veto see that? I'm so curious what the boys think. :)

Oh, and I love you for *thinking* I rock the awesome. That make me happy. It's cuz I'm surround by AMAZING peeps (that be you). x to the o.

Sunshine said...

Caren--Thanks for the sweet comment. You're entirely too nice to me. :)

Yes, thinking about Elizabeth constantly. I laughed a little imagining her with me that night (when you said that)--I could totally see her comforting the dog and cat. Ha! Thanks for sharing the little nugget about how she "caught the emotion before you" even had it. I love knowing that.

My thoughts are most certainly with you all down there. Keep looking UP. xo