Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh, Jeeves...

I took Addy to the doctor yesterday for a strep test.  Every time we go to the doctor, she thinks she's getting a shot, so when I assured her she'd get no shot at this one, her next worst-case-scenario was that she was getting her tonsils out.  She is *so* my kid.  We go to that place.

Anyway, it was her first time getting the throat swab.  She was shocked at how much a cotton ball could hurt. I totally cracked up out loud when she kind of gagged, the loving mother that I am. I am *so* that person that laughs in all the inappropriate moments.  Some of my most hearty laughs are when The Hubbs injures himself, the loving wife that I am.  What?  It's funny. 

So when Addy was finished doing her little cackle/gag thing (which sounded very much like our cat trying to cough up a hair ball), she exclaimed, "I smell pennies!"  Hilarious.  I laughed.  Come on, now that's some good stuff right there.

Thank goodness for the funny, that's what I say. I think The Humor keeps me sane.  It's been a rough couple of weeks--busy, emotional and despite being surrounded by children, pets and people, somehow incredibly lonely.  My mind and body are exhausted. I feel like I could sleep for a week.  I cannot get enough.

We have a no school day today, which is good, because Addy's got the angry throat (though she tested negative for strep).  We had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. My bed is top notch.  Every time I climb into it, I am reminded of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  My bed is for sure Momma Bear's bed. This morning, all the kids and pets were all snuggled up good with me in it.  We were just one big pile of blankets, pillows, fur and cozy.  I told the kids I need a butler, because I just want to stay in bed all day and have someone bring everything to me at my beck and call.  Of course Addy said, "What's a butt-ler?"  I know my kid, she totally meant it that way.  "Butt" is totally on the "Bad Word" list, so she got much pleasure out of emphasizing the "butt" in "butler," further leaving no doubt that this child is mine, mine, mine. 

Anyway after slightly (mostly sleepily) scolding her for pointing out the "butt" part and explaining what butler's do and exactly why we need one, Liv totally piped in, "We should hire one."  I laugh at the word, "hire" too, because we don't really hire people.  We totally do it ourselves and then "pay" someone to come fix it. ((Hire)).  Where do they get this stuff? 

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Jen said...

"I smell pennies"??? Oh my word. You are the best storyteller EVER. And you got two squirrels that give you lots of material. Gotta love it.