Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's With All The Questions?

I love these suckers.  Thanks Jennifer, at Stuff Jen Says , for giving me a blog post today!

1.  Do you get manicures/pedicures? Mostly pedicures. 

2. When did you last get your hair cut? October--I'm so due AND it's time to break down and COLOR, because I HAVE TO. Frickin' beauty.

3. Do you get regular massages? Nope.  But I keep remembering and then promptly forgetting that my sister got me a gift certificate for a massage for my birthday IN MAY.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

4. Have you ever waxed a part of your body?  Funny you should ask though...(I'm just gonna leave that one hangin').

5. Can you see your veins? Yes and YET, every time, I have to give blood it takes 3 people to do it.  Flip.  And I won't talk about my legs, cuz you know--I'll get MAD, MAD, MAD.

6. Do you use tanning beds? I did back in the daaaay, but now I much prefer the spray tans. 

7. Favorite soap? Dove. (wow, you are really learning a lot here.)

8. Favorite shampoo? Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint.  Wonderful stuff it is.

9. Favorite kind of music? All kinds.  I need's like oxygen.

10. Favorite time of day? Um...probably 6 a.m. (before everyone is awake--the coffee tastes better when everyone is still sleeping) and after the chickens go to bed...bra off (bliss) and pj's on. Fabulous. All that time in between is dang good too, but I SWEAR I don't exhale until my kiddos close them little eyes and I stretch out good on the couch.

11.Favorite local tourist attraction? There is so much to do here!  Pretty much anything outdoors, especially in the spring, summer and fall.  I love getting out in the trails and trees and we love the coast.  I love, love, love Sunriver.  It could very well be my favorite.

12. Favorite swear word? I NEVER swear.  I say things like Fruit Loop, Flip and Frick. Notice... a lot of F-words.  Wait, I say PICKLES too!  All mad like.

13. Favorite fruit? Strawberries and blueberries.  It's a tie.

14.Favorite kind of meat? Ooooh, I am a meat-eater.  If fact, I am craving RIBS like you would not beeeeelieve right now.  Just feed me. 

15. Favorite fish? Salmon and Orange Roughy.

16. Favorite flavor milkshake? Vanilla

17. Favorite kinds of candy? Reece's Peanut Butter Cups make me real happy as I eat them, and then I feel immediately guilty and fat, fat, fatty fat. They are dang good though and SERIOUSLY need to be a SUPER FOOD.  I also like Mike and Ikes, Junior Mints, Skittles.  And dark chocolate. Was I just supposed to pick one?

18. Have you ever eaten a whole bag of potato chips? No, but in real life I would want to.  I like the salty.

19. Have you ever eaten lobster? Yes, it's yummy, but a lot of work.

20. What’s a food you’re embarrassed to admit you love? Spam.  Shhhhh...don't tell anybody. 

21. What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten? My dad tricked us when we were little and we ate rattlesnake.  (Look at me...I'm freaking out right now as I type this...30 years later!).

22. Have you ever climbed a mountain? Not a big one.  But yes.  I've driven up big ones tho.

23. Have you ever been skydiving or bungee jumping? Nope.  There are plans in the works to go Zip-Lining tho.  Does that count?

24. Have you ever been water-skiing? Nope, just water tubing.

25. Do you like your nose? If you're looking at it from the front, it'll do, but the side view is a whole other story.  I've just recently learned that your nose doesn't stop growing.  WHAT THE?! I am very upset about this.

26. Would you change the color of your eyes if you could? That is the ONE thing I would not change.

27. Do you like salt and vinegar potato chips? Oh GOSH yes!

28. Do you eat salsa? Yep...I could live on chips and salsa alone.  Love homemade pico de gallo.

29. What do you buy at the movie theater concession stand? Junior Mints.

30. Do you own a boat? No, and I totally need to make a friend that has a boat.  Dang it all.

31. Do you have a pool? Just the kind you blow up, sit in with drink in hand and splash yourself once in a while.

32. Can you swim? Yes, it's my favorite.

33.Which do you prefer, bagel or toast?  Bagel, but toast also makes me happy.

34. Cats or dogs? Both, but I love dogs a smidge more.  Don't tell my cat.

35. Pens or pencils? Hmmmm...Sharp #2's--I like having the ability to erase.  I like pens too, but they MUST have the cap intact, or it's a no-go.

36. Coffee or tea? Coffee, but I've been trying to drink the tea more, cuz it's REALLY good for you.  And I like good for you.

37. Bath or shower? Shower, but only because I don't have the big, soaking tub like I used to back in the day, so I gotta use the "kids tub", which I feel like I need to clean BEFORE I take the bath and it's just a lot of flipping work (plus there's always naked Barbies all sprawled out everywhere and it just kind of ruins it for me). But I would REALLY like a hot tub in the future.  Please, please and PLEASE.

38. Markers or crayons? Crayons.  I had no idea I preferred one over the other, but I totally do. 

39. You’re making a trip across the country. Fly, unless I'm in a big ol' RV trailer.  This is on my wish list.

40. First credit card you had? I believe it was Target. 

41. First loan you got was for? College.

42. First major purchase? Car.

43. What was your first job? I babysat like a champ back in the day.  But my first REAL job, was Burger King. 

44. What was your occupation previous to the one you have now? I was an Independent Consultant (fancy, right?) for Southern Living atHome for 4 years and then same thang for AtHome America.  Before that, (when I was pregnant with Livy-girl) I worked in a heating/plumbing office doing errrrthang office-like.  I loved that job. Who knew I loved data entry and payroll AND working with plumbers?! 

45. Have you ever had stitches? heart surgery (I've got a biiiig scar) and cracking my head open (little scar).

46. Last time you went to the hospital for something? I recently had an MRI on my heart. 

47. Last place you drove to? Church, last night.

48. Last place you flew to? Arizona.

49. Last time you were at a sports bar? I *think* I was at one last night???

50. Last thing you celebrated? John's birthday, last night.  Didn't know him, but he was nice enough. :)

Okay now, you do this.  Tell me some stuff.

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Dee from Downunder said...

we like similar foods - good to know for when I visit you.... ;)