Thursday, February 4, 2010

Uniform Shmuniform

I recently found (thanks, Jenn!). It's this site that's great for bloggers, that will give you a writing prompt every day. You can do what you like with it. Good. This is what I did today. Enjoy where my brain goes.

The question on Plinky was, "What's the worst uniform you've had to wear for a job?" It's funny they bring this up, cuz I have been thinking about this in a roundabout way. My worst uniform story isn't really that entertaining of a story--it was my Burger King uniform. The look and feel of that sucker did NOTHING for me (or the beauty I was trying to portray at the ripe age of sixteen), but It was the smell that really sent me over. That fast food smell that no amount of Tide, Clorox 2, Bounce, or beating against a river rock could get out. I smelled like old ketchup--like the smell of ketchup that's been sitting in the Burger King trash can all the live long day, in a back alley, in 100 degree heat. I can seriously smell it right now.

Here's where that "roundabout way" part comes in. One of my favorite places to go is Trader Joe's. My staples there are those tiny, Fuji apples (perfect size for Them Kiddos), clementimes (so cheap there!), bananas, bread, pizza dough, marinara (it says "Trader Joe's" ON THE JAR and only costs like $1.29), string cheese, hummus, peanut butter filled pretzels (looooove), chewey granola bars and dark chocolate (70%, in these PERFECT little portions). You like to know the details, right?

Them Kids like to go with me and find Pirate Joe, that rascal of a monkey that likes to hide amongst the greek yogurt, bagged spinach, and other sneaky places. Them Kids love this part. When we check out, they tell the cashier where Pirate Joe was hiding, the cashier rings a bell, all enthusiastic-like, and ALL the employees say a collective, "Arrrrrrrg..." just like a pirate. And every time this happens, I right then and there decide that SOME DAY, I too will work at Trader Joe's. I have GOT to ring that bell! And, AND, they get to wear cool clothes, like jeans and t-shirts, or Hawaiian shirts. This, I love. Plus, all the employees are seriously happy-go-lucky there. Every time. Not even faking, or reading from a script. And when you ask them to help you find the dark chocolate, not only will they take you right to it, they will rip the box open and give you five pieces right then and there, to "make sure you like it." They'll even snack on it with you, right in the middle of the frozen food section. True story.

Okay, so one more...recently I found this clothing store for Them Kids that I loooooove. Like, deeply love. It's called, Naartjie. I literally hug the clothes when I'm in there and ask, "Does this come in Mommy size?" I just don't do that...ANYWHERE. I want to work there. I actually said it outloud, with hopes they would hire me on the spot. I think I could handle folding tiny clothes all the live long day, if only to wear the uniform which is a SWEET, hip, Robin's Egg Blue, apron. Yep, this will do. Plus, there's the discount.

Okay, so once again, you have learned a lot. Feel free to share your uniform *stuff* with me now. Or just get on with what you were doing before. That's totally cool too.


Care said...

Sunshine, you are awesome! I love when I can have a smile on my face no matter if Im crying at the time, just after reading your writtings there is a sincere pleasure. One of the best parts of your blogging is that I can actually picture you in the situation or "smell the ketchup" in the "garbage".(ugh), but the reality that you have in you is great and also the fact that it is "reality"! God made such a special person in you! Im so glad that I can share in even the "little part" of you! God Bless you for keeping me saner and "thinking".....Caren

Christa said...

I heart Trader Joe's too. Unfortunately, there isn't one close to where we live in MO right now.
My worst uniform was a Waffle House waitress uniform. The hankerchief hair thing was not for me. BUT on the bright side, I did get to smell like waffles and syrup. No need for perfume after work for me!

Sunshine said...

Caren--Thank you so much FIRST, for actually reading my bloggie--this makes me very happy. Second, thank you so much for the kind words--very encouraging to the wanna-be writer in me, busting to get out.

Keep on keeping on, girl...((hugs)).

Sunshine said...

Christa--mmmmmmm...pancakes! Chris would liiiiike. I have to say I think the hankerchief hair thing would be my favorite part. :)

THANKS for the stop by! xo

Dee from Downunder said...

I seriously want a Trader Joe's here. My first uniform was a very fetching red sack at KMart age 16 too - seeeexy not! (kinda like a wallmart)

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

OK ... so many people have told me go to Trader Joes ... so I gotta go ... sounds like a great store! Oh, and I'll bet that ol' BK smell was awful! So I'm visint from SITS, Stop by my place when you get the chance- and yippee I am now following you :-)