Saturday, December 19, 2009

This & That

In an effort to keep blogging, despite the lack of time I have right now to sit and write out everything that's been going on the past couple weeks; I'd like to share things, via pictures.  It's quick (you have things to do) and each pic says so much.  If not, just make it up.

This year's Christmas tree.  I wanted to find a tall, skinny one to fit in the family room this year.  We usually have a big one up front, but we spend all our time in the family room, so it was a goal this year. Isn't it so cooooozy? You want to come over. It's okay, if you call it a Snoopy tree too.  I might love that.

I would like this dress for Christmas, Santa.  Given that it costs over $300, I figure it would be better if you got it for me, versus The Hubbs.  I know I'm probably only going to the neighbor's house for New Year's Eve, but Momma wants to look special. Did I mention I'm in deep looooove with this dress?  It makes me kinda happy.  I would hug it.  For you, I'd even wear it to PTO meetings and grocery shopping.  I would wear this sucker out. Thanks, ahead of time.

Me & My Dad.  I just have nuttin' but loooove for this guy! I am so much like him in many ways (we're Taurus's) and I love being in the position to share my kiddos...with him as an adult. He has a great sense of humor and is reeeeally good at growing Amish beards (not shown in this pic, but stay tuned for the Christmas day pic).  He also plays a maaaad game of Hucklebuckle Beanstock with the kiddos.  Good grandpa.

This is my girls looking all sweet (cuz I made them).  They appear to like one another, so soak it in while you can.  This gingerbread house was totally a kit.  The gingerbread part was ready to go.  All we had to do was frost it and decorate. It took a...veeery...looong...tiiime. I've decided I have no skills whatsoever in frosting things to make them look like anything other than globs of frosting.  I got an "A" for effort and then gladly passed the job over to the girls.  So this is all them.  Which I flipping love.

This is of the girls and their cousin after a dance recital. I apparently need to read my camera's instruction book, cuz all the actual recital pics turned out too dark.  I am very upset about this, but needed to have "proof that we were there". So here you go (see the stage they are sitting on?). Yes, the pajamas are their costumes. The boots aren't part of it though. I promise, they are real life daaaaancers, with tap and ballet shoes and errrrrthang. :)

O was in a school play version of The Nutcracker this week! It was quite special, indeed, but you're gonna have to imagine it, cuz THE PICTURES ARE TOO DARK. (Please refer to to the previous photo and notice the ballet shoes in this one.)


The Fans.

I have a weekly date with this Rock Star. I get pretty grumpy if I don't get to see him. He's kind of awesome like that.

O's Santa Letter.  Hope Santa's on the ball!

A-girl's Santa Letter. Don't we always want a puppy?

Well, I actually have things to do too.  So I'm gonna go and do that.  And then tell you about it, in pictures and big, bold, sometimes slanted words. 


Rena said...

Great post, Sunshine!

Jayne said...

Thanks Sunshine! I love the photos and I REALLY love your family room. Just beautiful. Merry Christmas to you xxx