Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wave to Your Neighbor

Happy Sunday! I just have to say that I'm so happy it's still Sunday and not Monday yet. I don't know, I just really enjoy the weekends immensely these days. The whole sleeping in, letting things go, the fact that my hubbs is finally home, if only for a minute. It's nice. I hope you're feeling it too wherever you are.

O's speech rocked! She did "excellent"! Total thumb's up. I'm so proud of her! I know it was maybe, tops, 3 minutes long, but you know in her little world, that is just an eternity. It was, what I feel like, her first real homework. That and the fact that her teacher, specifically told me what O needed to practice on. I'm so glad it's over. Should I be worried about that? I mean...that was seriously "nothing" in the grand scheme of homework, right? I seriously lost some sleep about it.

Did I tell you I'm now Room Parent for A's kindergarten class now? Oh yeah, it's a big deal. It's for all year. I'm basically the official Partaaaay Planner. I have "duties". I got a notebook. Her teacher called this week and asked if I'd be willing to do it. Who can say "no"? Well, I cannot. And her kindergarten class is so absolutely delightful. I want to live there. I get to help out regularly there and every time, I want to be 5 again and learn everything all over again. I love the little desks. The cubbies. Painting with my fingers. My own little glue pencil/scissors/glue stick/crayons. I want to hang my purse on one of those little hooks. Please. I totally should have been a kindergarten teacher when I grew up.

A-girl's harvest party was Friday. My first "duty" as partaaaay planner. And really, I didn't have to do much. Her teacher is amazing. I basically had to grocery shop and show up. She had all these stations going on--fruit kabobs, meat and cheese kabobs, cracker/aerosol cheese (yum--you know you love that stuff)/decorate a cookie/craft/pin the feather on the turkey/bingo stations. You barely knew there were 24 kiddos there. They were so busy and entertained. I've just learned SO MUCH. It was actually very relaxing. I KNOW. Makes no sense. But it's true, it's true. Maybe it has to do with the fact that little kids are flipping cute.

I do have some big news--REALLY BIG NEWS! You are now looking at (in a blog land sort of way) a HomeStyle Specialist for AtHome America! I have added my link to my website (over there to the right) so you can see what it's all about! I'm in business, people! I'm selling wonderful/cozy/country/sweet home wares and decor! You've got to see this stuff! My mom's been selling AtHome America for a couple years now and every time I see one of the new catalogs, I'm get all melty and gooey with the love for all things inside it and want one of everything! It's just my style. And it's affordable--which I looove (Dave Ramsey would be proud of me)! And it is a good company--I feel good representing.

I used to do the independent consultant stuff a couple of years ago. I did it for four years and loved it. Then the hubbs went to Iraq and it took a backseat. Well, now I'm giving it a go again. So feel free to check it out and shop off the website (check out The Attic), have a partaaaay and get free/discounted goodies (you can do a catalog party w/me, from anywhere in the US) or ask me about what I do. I'll let you know how it goes.

So there's that. OH! On a completely other note, I wanted to share this lady with you and all her skills! Meet Angela over here at Frugal Living. You will be amaaaaaazed at what she does and is showing you how to do as well. You will want to immediately add her to your blog roll (and put her on speed dial). I'm not kidding. and then come back here, cuz I'll miss you.

Let's see...what else? I played Skip-Bo last night. With Angela. We had Peppermint ice cream. It was delicious. Her hubby won both games. You can do a happy dance for him, cuz he never wins and he was pretty excited. Angela--tell him I put him in the blog. He'll be so happy.

Then there's Thanksgiving. Love this time of year. Mainly the food. Also, the family. Somehow, we are able to get both sides of the family together and have a good time. I'm always prepared for it to change into a Ben Stiller/Chevy Chase/Steve Martin movie though. That *would* be good blog material (hmmmmmm....).

I have my AtHome America debut partaaay this coming weekend. I've seriously invited EVERYONE. Cuz, that's what you do. Funny story. So yesterday, I took invites/catalogs to ALL my neighbor's on my street. I thought this would be a good way to get to know them. I will bribe them with food and drink. We know most of our neighbor's, but most not enough that we've been in each other's homes. It's probably a good thing to know your neighbor's. So I'm being bold (which means totally stepping out of my comfort zone) and knocking on all the doors. So I get to one of them and this guy opens the door and I introduce myself (and point to my house) so he doesn't think I'm a freaky solicitor, tell him about my party and that I'd like to invite his wife. He laughs and says he doesn't have a wife. Ha ha!! And *that's* why I'm inviting all my neighbors. I should know this already (he did have like 4 cars in his driveway). He lives like 3 doors down. So I invite him to come over and Christmas shop for his girlfriend/mom/grandmother/sister/boss, etc...we get a big laugh out of it and I secretly ponder how I can hook him up with my sister (if he's single), cuz he was kind of cute.

Well, you're good and caught up. My goal is to write...MORE. I need to get back on the blog wagon. I might have to make some drama happen. I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for playing.


Hillary said...

I'VE got an idea! Why don't you come and beautify my home. I love the style of all that neato stuff on your site (although I haven't looked at EVERY item) but seriously, I'm a decorating nightmare waiting to happen. It's rather sad, really. So what do you say you come, decorate, send me or someone wealthy my bill. Only one condition: no birds...of ANY sort. I draw a line there.

You know, the sad thing, ex is quite good with decorating, especially making things look "country." The first time I saw inside his house...about a year ago...(it was the house I and the girls moved out of 7 years ago)...I felt...jealous, I guess. He had turned what was a disastrous hole in the wall into a beautiful home with custom woodwork , custom shelving he'd built in, woodstoves, etc. And I KNOW the man spent as little as possible. Sheesh, give the man some money and he could be Ty Pennington Jr. It stinks really. That's the one thing I miss...I have to hang my own pictures and they're rarely straight, lol.

ANYWAY, good blog! I'm off to that Frugal sight now. The Lord knows I need to save where I can.

Frugal Living Online said...

Oh, my! What a shout-out! I hope the blog lives up to your compliments!

And Will was thrilled that you mentioned his historic wins at Skip-bo. We're looking forward to hanging with you guys when we're not so tired...see you in a few years.


Dee from Downunder said...

Ok, I have not idea what AtHomeAmerica is, so I will have to go look, congrats, you sound excited to be doing it.

I think I may have to be a prep mum at S's school next year, they said they like "helpers", might be fun when E is at kindy

I'm off to check out those sites...