Sunday, November 9, 2008

They Say It's Your Birthday

No, it's not my birthday. That would be in May, so please send chocolate then. It is my beautiful sister's birthday today! She refuses to come over here, to blog land, to prove a point to me, which is totally just a whole other blog post, but I come out not looking so hot, so I may tell it and I may not. Aren't you intrigued now? See how I work that? sis is pretty awesome, despite her avoidance of my blog (which she will not be able to keep herself from today, because, there are *pictures* of her on it--she'll be curious). We are ten years apart and yes, I'm...(gulp)...older. But we're close. Tight like that. She is me, ten years ago...minus the marriage, and plus the guts to travel to Thailand for a year all by herself and teach for a year (that would never have happened in my little world back then). Oh and she's a blondie, so I'm pretty sure she having more fun than I did at 26. I've heard the rumors, anyway. Like me, she likes to shake her tooshie (and dance) and she's funny (a bit on the sarcastic siiiide--it's in the genes) and she introduced us to High School Musical, and I thank her for that. (I *heart* Zac)

Anyhoo...Happy Birthday, Rachael!! You didn't buy Twilight yet, did you? I'm just saying. I am now going to share some awesome pics of you...and me, cuz that's just what I do. And I'm sorry about the picture quality of some of them. Some of the pics are like 26 years old and upon further investigating about our scanner, I have found that we need to buy the software to hook the baby up. So thanks to Dave Ramsey, I've got to save up for that, which is so not a priority right now. So, enjoy my awesome photo skills. And most of all, Rach...this one's for You!

This is Rachael in the middle all fancy pants for her baptism. She is surrounded by sis, Star (left) and moi (right). We love her.

This is probably my fave pic of Rachael and I. She totally loves me.

See..she can't stop hugging me. I was even awesome then.

I'm pretty sure she was inspired by her Rainbow Brite doll back in the day. OMGoodness, she's cute. And that's our bro, Josh, in the back--which you will meet at another blog post.
This was about a year and a half ago. We are still so very, very awesome!

Auntie and my girls. They love her too.

It's so hard to say goooodbye. This is right before she left (me) for a year to teach in Thailand.

This is her getting home from Thailand, just the other day.
And this is Rach, looking like a doll. And yes, this is what she looks like every day. Everyone dresses like this in Portland. Just kidding.

So yeah, Happy Day, sis! Can't wait to see what 26 has to bring you, but knowing you, it's gonna be pretty darn good.

Who loves ya? (me, me, me, me, meeeeee)


Mummy said...

Awww what a lovely post with just gorgeous pics :o)

Carey Sue said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!!

Great post I hope you read it!!

Rena said...

Such a sweet post!

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

amelia bedelia said...

what a great post! Happy Birthday to Rachel!

Dee from Downunder said...

I don't know if my comment went through... so again, happy birthday!

Liesl said...

Happy Birthday, Rachael!

I did a double take when I saw the first photo, I thought it was Olivia instead of you :)

Dee from Downunder said...

me again, S said that Rachel is bewtiful

Rachy said...

Thanks big sis:) look who is finally in a country where she can read the blogger sign-in in ENGLISH lol! Despite what you may think...I have read them all! I'm one of your biggest fans:)

Rachy said...

I heart you big sis:) Thanks bunches for the sweet ode to Rachael! Despite what you may think...I am one of your biggest blogger fans! luv you!

Hillary said...

What an awesome post! It is totally unfair that she is 26 and looks like she's about 18. What's up with that???

Hope she had a Happy Birthday! And I hope she caves to the blogging realm.