Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You Know Me

Instagram challenge:  SMILE. Once a girl.  Always a girl.

(p.s. i'll do better posting my own pics, i just didn't want to get hung up looking for The Perfect Picture, which was totally happening.)

As far as the blog challenge, something's happening writing-wise for me.  I'm looking forward to writing again. I almost didn't want to type that out loud. I even blogged TWICE yesterday and made myself waaaait to post. It's like Christmas! It's like my birthday!  It's like when I get you a gift!  I can't wait, I can't wait!!! I haven't felt like that in a long time.  It's good.

So, here's my blog challenge tah-day!

20 Facts About Me

(really?  i get to do this?  just talk about myself?)  As a fellow blogger once put so very well:

I'm An Attention Seeking Poodle.

Well, she is.  But I'm stealing it.

Number One:

I have six kids.  Well, I didn't BIRTH six kids.  I  birthed two, but I *have* six kids now.  As of May 2012. The Boyfriend has four and I have two. We all live together in a shoe.  And I am telling you, these kids are just amazing, given what they've all been through. I am proud of them. Even when I've reached my limit. Even when the drama is Code Red.  Even when I don't know what to say, to do. I am proud of them.  I am proud of us. Sometimes I think I'm a mo' better mom/momager of six than I was of two. That said, I'm not good at this. I'm proud of this.

Number Two:

I love old people.

Number Three:

I think I might be a closet introvert. How does one live 40 years and just figure this out? Okay, semi-introvert. I like people.  I suspect this has a lot to do with my GINORMOUS family and how I never get one single second to myself.  I'm just saying, I can totally hang with my self, like 24/7.

Number Four:

I haven't been camping in yeeeeears.  And I could cry right now, just typing that out.

Number Five:

My birthday is Cinco de Mayo, and I seriously love presents.  You should start planning now.

Number Six:

I love to drive.

Number Seven:

My big toe looks like a turtle head and my little toes look like turtle legs. Every time. I can't not see turtles.

Number Eight:

When I hear hip hop and pop, I am automatically choreographing routines in my head.

Number Nine:

I am far too nice, when I NEED TO GET PISSED.  Like, so much.

Number Ten:

I love looking at the lines on my palms.  I'm so curious and need to know more.

Number Eleven:

I love beards.  I didn't even know.

Number Twelve (this one is for my 14-yr-old):

I have no daughters that look like trashcans trying to look human. The end!

Number Thirteen:

I'm a little psychic.

Number Fourteen:

I can still do toe touches on the trampoline.

Number Fifteen:

I get addicted to things.

Number Sixteen:

I am highly impressionable.  For instance, if someone says they had sushi for lunch.  I will probably have to have sushi.  Like, right now.

Number Seventeen:

I'm a clincher and sleep with a mouth guard.  It's super sexy.

Number Eighteen:

I want to go on a date SO BAD, that I'm about to take myself.

Number Nineteen:

I *choose* to get up at 5:00 every day.  Silence is precious. And the coffee is so much better.

Number Twenty:

I think these kids (mine and his). are my best friends.

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