Monday, September 2, 2013

Challenge Accepted

I'm starting this new blog challenge to light a fire under these lazy fingers! Apparently I need someone to tell me *exactly* what to do. I'm a follower not a leader. I'm fine with this.

I'm working off of a 30-Day Instagram Challenge (prompts to post a new pic every day) and a 31-Day Blog Challenge (prompts to blog posts every day). See links below:

Instagram Challenge:

Blog Challenge:

For the Instagram Challenge I am supposed to put a pic of my favorite food. This favorite food stuff is ever-changing, as I am a major foodie.  So here's what it is right now.  Today:

Pico de Gallo, specifically with these:

I will eat the entire bag. And plucking a chip out of the bag *covered* in all the lime spices makes me squeal in happiness. Really. Every time. Whatever.  It's a meal.

For the blog challenge I'm supposed to do an introduction and recent pic.

See that pic up there?  It's of me the other day right before an event we did at work, called "Keep The Spirit of '45 Alive".  I get to be the marketing director (fancy) for Solterra Senior Living at White Mountains.  It's a wonderful place, of which I will talk about a lot on here, because it is a very good chunk of my life.  I love my old people.

Spirit of '45, celebrates the "ordinary" heroes of The Greatest Generation--some of these people that lived through this time are my best friends.  It was a joy to celebrate them, and that we did this past Friday.  We partied like it was 1945, complete with classic car show, The Helldorado Girls (a group of women that circulate parades, charities, etc...basically raise morale everywhere they go, specifically dressed in vintage attire--in this case--military pinup), and a DJ that played all the good stuff from the 40's. We made 100 Shirley Temples and served Spam (with toothpicks!) and other delicious thiiiings from that time (we Googled).  It was a blasty blast, and made our residents very happy. We raided the Helldorado Girls closet and I got to wear this fun getup.  I totally felt pretty.  And I don't always feel pretty.  So there you go.

And now for the intro:

For those of you that don't know me, I'm Sunshine, and I've been through a lot of changes over the last couple of years, which you will totally notice if you go back and read my previous posts and then compare them to now.  I feel you may question whether or not this is the same person.  Well, 'tis.  I promise.

To sum it up:  World Crashed Down. Divorced. Fell in love with my childhood friend.  Moved from Oregon to Arizona. Went from The Three Of Us, to The Eight Of Us. Went from Stay-At-Home-Momma to Full-Time-Working-Momma/Momager.  We all live in a sweet, tiny, crowded house, on an orchard, in the tiny mountain town I (and the fella I fell in love with) grew up in. We are happy. Sad. Imperfect. Beautiful. Mending. Superheroes. Fragile. Loud. Silent. Creative. Good. Crazy. Clever. Real. So Much More. But most of all, we are          figuring         it              out.

See you tomorrow!  Really.

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sherilee said...

Awesome, Sunshine. I loved your list of adjectives at the end. That's life. So glad you're getting to live it with someone you love and loves you back. And those kids! Oh the joy of the kids. xoxo