Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Outside my window... it is very wet, rainy, blustery even.  It's fat sock weather.

I am thinking... about Scrip orders and Tax ID numbered logo'd letters to Subway and 482 Ram fundraiser flyers, otherwise known as PTO.  Oh, and I'm thinking about you, cuz I can multi-task like a mutha.

I am thankful for... a great support system of friends who support OFTEN, a family that likes to dance all night, and caramel apple frozen yogurt.

I am working on... being home today more than I am at school, TAKING DOWN the laundry once and for all and dusting my bedroom.  That is seriously all I want to do.  Can she doooo eeeet?

I am going... to take Olivia to the library.  Girl just wants to go to the library!

I am reading... a ton.  Recently read, "A Dog's Purpose," "The Art of Racing in the Rain," and am now reading "Room:  A Novel."  I've been downloading books onto my phone, CUZ I CAN.  Love me my free Kindle app. 

I am hoping... for a salted caramel latte very soon.

I am hearing... wind.  It's probably going to be a hat day.

Around the house... it's cozy feelin'.  I've also decorated for fall and halloween.  AND, it smells like snickerdoodles. Yes, I am one of thoooose. 

One of my favorite things... BUXOM, big and healthy lipstick. 

Plans for the rest of the week: Jazzercise ALL week, ballet, Wednesday/Thursday night Tivo'd funny shows, jazz/tap, a Pampered Chef party, a bunch of PTO stuff, having great grandpa over for potroast, caramel apple frozen yogurt, officially moving the summer clothes out of the closet, fat socks, sweats, favorite WSU sweatshirt, ponytail, LIBRARY, Trader Joe's and I REALLY want to play Farkle again around my kitchen table. 

Here’s a photo I want to share: cuz I messed it up. My bruthas and sistahs look good tho.  (My "big" brutha, Josh's, wedding reception--5 days ago)

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Veronica said...

Such a great photo, Sunshine, even with your eyes shut. You guys all look great, I wish I coulda made it.