Sunday, July 25, 2010

None of Your Business

I'm stealing this questionairre from Jen over here -->, cuz I need to light a fire and get back to blogging.  I'm overwhelmed by how much I want to say.  A lot has been going on this summer--loads of vacation and good times.  I have to and will talk about Arizona and Kauai and how not even hours back from The Island (which is the friendliest, most chill place on Earth), we had a near death experience (the second in a week) and...AND 24 hours after that,  I got flipped off.  Stupid anything that isn't an island--that's how I feel. Yes, I really do have lots to say.  But for need to know the following:

What is the most common question that you are asked (in life) that is none of the questioner’s business?
I don't know, I love when people ask me stuff.  I crave attention. 

What makes you happiest right now?
My Vanilla Macadamia Nut coffee, straight out of Kauai; my Hawaiian wrap that I will find a way to wear everywhere--people will point at me; Bob Marley's song, No Woman No Cry; the fact that I had shave ice in Portland last night; and the 2000 pictures of The Island I took.  Notice a theme?

Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
Heck yeah.

Do you want to be famous one day?
Well, given that my dream would be to work with Tina Fey, yes.  But I would also love to publish some of my writing.  Like a fat book of my stuff that people would love and quote and get inspired from. Like they'd spill their coffee on it and take it to the beach and underline stuff in it. Also, I wouldn't mind being Mrs. Zac Efron. 

Could you handle being in the military?
Being married to an officer for 14 years, I kind of AM in the military. 

Do you believe in Karma?

What’s the stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone?
I don't know about stupid...I think this is yet to be determined. I honestly don't know how I haven't dropped it in an airport toilet (which would be the worst).  I drop it a lot.  That sucker is slippery. 

Who knows a secret or two about you?
Ha lips are sealed.

Last thing you did that ticked off your significant other?
I'm an angel--never happens.  SYKE!  I think I asked him, "What's wrong?"  Or, "Slow down," that one always does it.  Always.

Have you ever purposely been irritating to someone? If yes, explain.
I am a people pleaser, so NEVER.  Never, never, never...Never.  Though there is that little thing, called Facebook.  I wonder how many of my friends are blocking me. 

What’s crazy to you?
Lindsey Lohan

Who writes the most interesting blog?
I have to give props to Jen, again, over here -->   She entertains me.


Jen said...

Thanks for the shout-out! And I just gotta hear the flipping-off story. Please write again soon. ;) xoxo

Jayne said...

oooh lovely to have you back - and I can't wait to hear more about your travels!!! x