Tuesday, June 22, 2010


...talk about a find...if you're going to guest blog (aka hack) into someone's blog, you might as well go big...if not strange.  And nothing says strange like a Smurf.  Like a Smurf saying Happy Anniversary.  Like a Smurf saying Happy Anniversary while holding a Beer.  I mean, that just SCREAMS guest blog, no?  It does to me.  Again, a total find.
...and speaking of a total find ... Have you met Sunshine?  She's a TOTAL find.  A Great mom, a GREAT wife, a PERFECT friend, and an all around DARN GOOD WOMAN.  For 14 years ... TODAY ... I've had the pleasure, honour and joy of calling her my wife.  The Wif.  La Bella Numero Uno.  The Boss.  Okay, so maybe we're all laughing when I said 'joy' ... because life isn't a perfectly Blue Smurf with a perfectly white chef pop hat holding an always full beer.  But it's pretty dang close.

So today, June 22nd, in English AND Italian...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Sunny!  Here's to the next 14 (+)...  WITH MUCH LOVE... your Hubs (aka Chris)


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Sunshine said...

You had me at the Smurf. (smiiiile)