Thursday, December 4, 2008

We're Having Fun, Right?

Oh, how I miss this place when I'm not here. This whole "other" world. I know I can't even say it's getting caught up in my little home life or the chaos and bliss of the holiday season, because all of you are doing the same thing--and managing to blog. I vow to do better.

So let's just jump right in, shall we? I am dreading 3:00 today. I'm taking my girls in for flu shots. They do not know yet. Usually I'm good about getting them the flu mist, but the blog world is not the only thing I'm behind on, so I missed out on the flu mist. Shots it is.

I brought up the subject a little last week to sort of prepare them for it. I did the whole, "Let's say we HAD to get flu shots..." scenario, kind of like got the discussion going and tried to tie a little bow on the end for them by giving them the choice of a special reward for getting the shot without the big fit. I gave them the green light for crying, cuz you know--it's a shot, they hurt, it stinks, you can cry. But the whole out-of-body experience they usually are so good at displaying at the doctor's office is pretty much NOT GONNA HAPPEN THIS TIME, GIRLS.

The hypothetical flu shot discussion continues on, and I tell them that if all goes well, as well as shots can go, I would take them to Toys 'R Us/Ice cream/pony rides/and possibly get a puppy. O is already crying in the backseat at the hypothetical thought of it. Yeah. AND, hubbs is out of town today, so I'm on my own. Pray for me.

Now I'm gonna back track to Thanksgiving. It was good. Delicious. Three kinds of turkey. We ate for days. 16 people. I really thought 16 people was a big crowd, but after asking around, I guess 40 is the magic number. Maybe 60. Y'all are crazy that do that. Crazy in a good way (insert smiley face). We ordered in from Dinners Done Right (love that joint). We had to cook the turkey, but all the rest was made, and just had to be warmed up. For not cooking, we sure did use every single appliance, dish, glass and utensil we own! We wore this house out too with all the bodies. It was bliss. But, 40 people? You must be joking.

What is it, Dec. 4th? And I already feel like I'm behind with the Christmas decorating/Christmas cards and pic/shopping. Dec. 1st we got TWO Christmas cards. What is up with you people and your maaaad organization skills?! That Dec. 1st Christmas card was TOTALLY planned (Bridget). I feel like a slacker. We *just* got our tree up and it actually took a couple of days. Usually we whip it out in one night. This time it took days.

Tree up and beckoning them, the girls were just dying to decorate it, asking me every two minutes, on the dot. They are good at this. Then we got to the point where I felt like we could do this now. I had it all planned out. We like to make it a family affair. Christmas music. All is peaceful and we're all in that Christmas spirit--and a partridge in a pear tree! I told the girls that we would be decorating the tree that night, after dinner. They were so excited. And awful. They fought with each other all ding dong day. Argued, picked on each other, did not use their inside voices, told each other to stop breathing. Non-stop. They had like four time outs "in a row" (as O ever so dramatically put it, shocked that I would do such a thing). I threatened the decorating of the tree. I almost cancelled Christmas.

So when it came time to do it (I'm doing it ding dong it!!), I had hubbs put on the Christmas music, we went in and then there was like a million things to fight over...which ornaments they could put up, who got to stand on the chair, "Moooooove...!" Yeah, it was just sweet. So I told them to straighten up and fly right (DAMMIT), cuz this is SPECIAL! IT'S CHRISTMAS! Be nice. Right the flip now.

And all was well. Even got a couple pics. Don't we look happy, and not like all you-know-what was breaking loose two minutes before? Smile, girls. SMILE.

This is my life. And I love it, I do. I'll even love it after I'm busting it out of the doctor's office this afternoon, screaming banshees in tow. Maybe I need to call for back up.

Hey--I totally joined Jazzersize. I did it right before Thanksgiving (they had a special). I've been meaning to try it, cuz EVERYONE goes there and EVERYONE has been telling me to try it. I tried it back in the day--back when I had rhythm and coordination. I seem to have lost some of that along the way. I figure by the 20th class, I'll get the grapevine down. And a lot of stuff on my body pops and cracks now. Ha ha...that's new. But I love the Jazzersize. It's lively, the moves constantly change (which makes it interesting), love the music, the sweat, we all hoot and holler periodically during the workout (I think it's in the rule book), and there are all shapes and sizes. I swear, after the first class, I had muscles again, like instantly. Good aches and pains the next day. Like I'm gonna have ankles again some day, aches and pains. A waist. Maybe I'll throw a little thighs in, some gluts...Awesome.

So yeah, been doing that. And the bidness...the AtHome America business which I am just loving! I had my big debut open house last weekend and it went smashingly well. I even had my good friend over here selling her Cookie Lee too. Had a great turn out despite the fact that the Ducks and Beavers were playing that day. I earned lots of free stuff. LOTS. Like just under $100 of free stuff, plus a bunch of 1/2 price items. And not just cuz I sell it...but because I was the hostess, y'all. (insert very big hint, hint here).

I've been very busy and focused getting this baby going. You know I have a website can order right off of it (check out the Attic/clearance link too for tons of stuff on sale) and the goodies come straight to your house when you order off my site. If you're interested in hosting a party (and getting a bunch of goodies for FREE/half-price, etc..., I can totally hook you up. If you don't live near me, I will find someone that lives near you to help you out. Or you can have a catalog party with me. If you just love EVERYTHING like me, than you might consider selling it. It only costs $50 to join AtHome America right now! It's a great incentive and the company totally sets you up to get going and the kit (business supplies and all the product they give you) is amazing. Lemme know if you want to know more! **There's a big sale coming up Dec. 16 and then an even bigger one coming up in January!**

Here's my site!

And I'm trying not to be all crazy AtHome America lady, but I'm just so excited! I just want to share the love. I'll try to talk about *other* stuff though.

But that's about all the "other stuff" I've got for today. You're good and caught up. I'd like to dedicate this blog post to my sister, Rachael, who sent me a note last night that said, "You haven't blogged fooooooorever!" Saying that to me was just about the best thing (next to my house is so warm and cozy--thanks Claudia, or my Thanksgiving table looks like a storybook--thanks Hill) you could say to me! That, and my girls are cute (and soooooooo well behaved).

Thanks for playing!


Jenny said...

Good luck with those flu shots! I don't envy you there.

You guys must be rushed in the decorating/food stakes over there. You seem to go from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas. Too much!

Rachy said...

Well done sis. So glad you heeded my subtle hint;)

Sunshine said...

Jenny--Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by!

The shots went *very* well. We had the tears, but no out of body experiences! I'm so proud of them. We've named the pony "Pickles".

Sunshine said...

Oh and yes, it seems like it was *just* Halloween. Oh wait, it was. So ridiculous. Good thing I love all of this!

Sunshine said...

Thanks for lighting the fire last night and getting me back on the blogwagon. And THANK YOU for helping me out today! Made all the difference in the world. You officially cannot move now, you're designated shot back up specialist for me when I take the girlie-o's in. Oh yes you are.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Good luck with the shots! We took Spiderman in 2 weeks ago for a check up and they sprang the shot on us. I talked him into it and he did great!
Your home and decorations are beautiful.

Dee from Downunder said...

Your girls are cute and so well behaved... hee hee, almost as much as mine... my 4 minute shower egg timer/time out timer has been spinning so fast lately its not funny. Not funny at all. If our girls got together I think there would be supernovas exploding in the atmosphere....

but you and me could just wear ear plugs and drink wine.....

Sunshine said...

Hey Dee--LOL about exploding supernovas! That is EXACTLY WHAT WOULD HAPPEN! ;D And yes...THIS is why I drink the wine. :)

No they aren't that bad...10% of the time. Just kidding (i am so not).


Sunshine said...

Hey Dysfunctional--Ha ha...that was fun typing out! Thanks for popping over here. So what are the magic words that you use when you explain the giving of the shot? I.need.them. :)

Thanks for the nice words about my deco. It's my fave. :)

Rena said...

Your house looks great, Sunshine. Mine is still in the "Christmas mess" stage with it being halfway done. Seems my family got all excited about doing the tree, but then decided to leave the rest to me. I hope to finish it up today or this weekend. Yours looks great!

Sunshine said...

Hi Rena,
Thanks! You make-a-me smile! ;D

Ha ha...I get the whole "leave the mess to me" bit too. And I forgot to mention that when we were decorating the tree, guess where the hubbs was? Playing Wii. time. ;P