Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why no,really, Thank YOU...

With every day getting closer to Thanksgiving I notice a lot of (Facebook) friends reflecting on things they are thankful for. Their lists vary from being thankful to be alive to Peppermint Mocha's.  I love it!  I love that there is just always something to be thankful for.  Really. 

So here's my, extremely random and in no particular order, list (thus know I will think of five more things, the moment I click "publish"):

I am thankful for my family.  All of them.  Even the one that says the "f" word on their Facebook status updates. 

I am thankful for my hubby and children. Even though they make gray hairs.  Make me cry.  Make me turn into a werewolf.  Make me long for an island.  They make me happy MORE.  They make me have purpose MORE.  They make me laugh MORE.  They make me want to do better MORE.  They make me believe in God MORE.

I am thankful for my dog.  She's my best friend.  We are ((tight)).  Sometimes I wish I could text her and say, "Hey watching the house?  Everything good?  Staying out of the litter box?  Good giiiiirl."  But that would be weird. 

I am thankful for my mean old cat.  He makes me appreciate the dog and *sometimes* he likes to cuddle.

I am thankful for "select-a-size" paper towels.  Where have they been all my life?

I am thankful for music that says what I want to say better and can take me away when I can't literally get away.

I am thankful for Jazzercise, cuz it really, really works.  AND I can pretend I'm a ballerina, Blazer dancer or background dancer in an Usher video.  And it really works.

I am thankful for books--especially fiction--cuz they help me go to sleep every single night.  And again, the whole getaway deal.

I am thankful for teachers, cuz every single night when I'm working on homework with my kids (specifically multiplication at the moment), I know I could not be a teacher.  How in the world do you explain THAT at a 9-yr-old's level of understanding? My head wants to explode every time. 

I am thankful for flush able wipes.  (aren't you?) 

I am thankful for a sister-in-law that loves to play Farkle at the kitchen table.

I am thankful for friends that feel like family.

I am thankful for my PTO position.  It makes me use my brain and I love when those kiddos wave and say, "Hi Sunshine!"  They might as well give me money. 

I am thankful for Cracked Pepper Triscuits.  (it's a meal)

I am thankful for Google--it knows stuff.

I am thankful for Dr. Laura.  Even Dr. Laura.  Cuz she *sometimes* says some good stuff.  AND I can turn her off when I get mad at her.  Cuz she can be a real "B". 

I am thankful for forgiveness, cuz I can be a real "B" sometimes too.

I am thankful for Gap's Long & Lean jeans.  They make me feel skinny.

To be continued, cuz there sure is more...

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