Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How Charming

We did a little shopping around Boise yesterday and I found my way to a little boutique, called Piece Unique.  I was immediately drawn to these bangle bracelets with the charms, by Alex and Ani:

See all of them?  Aren't they special?  I love the descriptions. 

I love meaning behind things.  I'm big on it.  I was especially drawn to this "Luck" charm--

On our recent beach trip, I got into a good discussion with my dad about our family background and found out we are a good chunk Irish.  It's like he gave me a little gift right there. I've wanted to go to Ireland since I was little, which probably has something to do with some familial antedote my grandma shared when I was five, that stayed with me long enough to vaguely remember, but not quote. Plus, did you see my post about crying my eyes out at Lord of the Dance? Plus there's that awesome accent. Things are better with an accent. I always thought we were "muddy" when it came to our familial ancestory--we've got a lot going on. I knew about the Irish, German, French, Cherokee, and other fractions of backgrounds, but my dad made a point that we are "Heavy Irish". To think, I've been that Irish all this time.

Then I found this little number, dangling next to the shamrock:

I loooove the description.  Kind of perfect for where I am right now for sooooo many reasons:

"Path of Life"



Emblematic of life’s zenith and nadir moments, this charm illustrates life's twists, turns and unexpected winds, all the while complimenting the beauty in its pattern. Wear this charm to proudly celebrate your own willingness and strength in traveling toward life’s fruitful moments.
Sometimes things just strike you, and you want to wear them on your arm.

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Dee from Downunder said...

Now you can drink green beer on St Patricks day and wear a shirt that says "kiss me I'm Irish"