Monday, August 10, 2009

Old School

Funny story. With all the road trips we've had lately, we've been going Old School with the things to entertain the girlies in the backseat. I think the girls are up to 256 campers/RVs/tent trailers and we've just about scratched all but 45 states off the list with the license plate game. The Quiet Game, just plain doesn't happen. And, you can only play "I Spy" so long in a moving playing field.

The latest game we've sprung on them is Slug Bug. They couldn't believe their luck--we can hit?! Of course we explained the difference between slugging and hitting (of which there is none). It took a while for them to get it down, punches being thrown right and left for any kind of car that was "roundish". We had to really break that part down for them, cuz 8 and 6-year-olds can make just about anything a slug bug. It's an open invitation to get some of that aggression out for taking the best Barbie, sitting in "their" spot at breakfast, looking at them with "the eyes", singing "All The Single Ladies" too loud, breathing their own personal air. Yeah. I should have really thought out the Slug Bug announcement a little more. Do I know my kids at all? Though, I gotta say, it's helped The Momma release a little frustration as well.

They are finally starting to get the rules down. You know, you gotta say the color and hurry up, fastasyoucan, say, "No slugs back!" And you can only "slug" once. After that, you're hitting and in trouble. Great way to confuse the kiddos, eh?

This weekend we were driving down 99E, coming back from downtown and the girls we're popping off slug bugs. They are getting pretty good at spotting them now. I was sitting in the passenger seat, with The Hubbs driving and I spotted a yellow slug bug, hovering in the air over 99E. It was on a billboard. I could see the slug bug, but not what the billboard said. I really only cared about the slug bug anyway. Fastaslightening, I slugged The Hubbs (before he could get me)--Slugbugyellownoslugsback!!! He grimaced, shot me a look as if to say, Just you wait, My Pretty... and right about then we got close enough to read the billboard. This is what it looked like--

That's just funny.

p.s. Yes, we went back to take a picture, cuz that just had "blog" written all over it.


Jen said...

That. Is. Awesome.

Dee from Downunder said...

That made me laugh out loud - how freaky was that??!!