Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sparkly Submarines

I was reading one of those survey dealies on Facebook (you know the ones), where you ask your kiddos a bunch of questions about what they think about you, and answer in their words. I have yet to do it with mine, cuz I would only want them to say wonderful, rainbow, sparkly answers about the mother they adore and well...

I was reading one of my girlfriend's answers to that survey, and her kiddos were answering so very sweetly (and sparkly) and cute. It went a little something like this--

What was your mom like when she was little? A lollipop

How tall is your mom? High

What does your mom do when you're not around? Go to the doctor

I mean, how sweet (and sparkly) is that?! Oh, the mind of a child.

The other day, the hubbs and I picked up our own kiddos from a fun-filled afternoon at their auntie's house. They were on a "being with the cousins" high, and just totally and completely out of the blue the subject of operations came up. Like surgery. I don't know if they played Spongebob Operation or what over there, but they were all concerned if they would ever (ever) have to have an operation, and what that would be like. What do they do?

My kiddos can get worked up. They get big eyes. So we explain to them about how operations fix things, mostly inside your body and A-girl had all these questions about the inside part and how doctors get in there. So the hubbs and I go on to gently, and in a very kid-friendly way explain how that is done. They know that I had surgery as a child too, so I always try to make it sound fun--Look at my cool (and sparkly) scar! They know I had to have my heart fixed. They know and remember when their dad had his gall bladder removed. See, we're okay!

After we explained operations in a tidy way, reassuring them that LOTS of people go their entire life without having to have surgery, the hubbs and I were sitting pretty confident in the front seat, sure that we handled that well (we are good explainers), when from the back seat pipes A-girl--

So, they go in a submarine and take your heart out and fix it?

Um...yes. Yes, they pretty much do go in a submarine, babes. Isn't that fun?

Oh, the (sparkly) mind of a child. Love it.


Hillary said...

Well I guess you cleared THAT up.

Funny, funny, funny.

Dee from Downunder said...

kids minds are amazing - mum today was laughing at something S was saying. I am so glad the girls gave some "sparkly" answers!