Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Lot, A Lot, A Lot...

TGISunday! It's been busy, y'all. Like so busy that when Friday came, there was no relief. Just that whole--it t'aint over yet. And I don't even care that tomorrow is Monday. Just so blissfully happy that it's Sunday and there's nothing to do (or I'm pretending there isn't anyway), but church and the couch.

I just remembered O's math homework and (another) speech tomorrow. Flip.

Lemme back track and share the week. I've still got some deep thoughts going on, but again, in an effort to keep it light and fluffy in blogland, I'll just share the fun stuff. Enter, taking the kiddos snowboarding.

We did that last Monday. The kiddos had an in-service day at school, so after hubbs finally convinced me to go up to the mountain (snow = very cold Momma) and I took care of *everything* to make this day trip happen, we headed up. It's a quick drive. With the hubbs driving, about an hour. He's been wanting to take the girls snowboarding, since the moment we found out I was pregnant. He's been chomping at the bit for a good eight years now.

So we get there, and in true, true Chevy Chase fashion, it's closed. Yes, the mountain is closed. Ha, not really. Mountains don't close. But the skiing/snowboarding and more importantly, the ROPE TOW was not open yet, due to it being Monday. Who knew? Not hubbs. But I'll stop there.

It actually worked out better, cuz we broke the rules and snowboarded anyway. We had it all to ourselves for about 45 minutes, until other people pulled up, in true Chevy Chase fashion. So that was a plus--plenty of room for the girls to get to know their snowboards and what falling feels like. The only minus--no rope tow. We were the rope tow. Well, I quit being the rope tow after three tows up that hill. Are you kidding me? So hubbs pushed the girls up and I pushed hubbs up. We work...together. Ha.

The girls rocked the snowboards. Teach your kids young, y'all. They were naturals. Hubbs was in his own personal Heaven watching his girls be awesome and absolutely *love* something he does. They are all about the dance (tutus/tap shoes/hip hop and recitals are my own personal Heaven), so it was good to see them do something *else*. And rock it.

Speaking of dance (my turn), we got to go watch some dancing yesterday. My kiddos didn't perform, but my sister did an alumni dance,with all the dance team alumni from her old high school. The Pony Prancers is what they are called. They had Pony Prancers dancing out there from 1982, or something. They were the entertainment for a dance competition. It is the second time I've seen my sister dance. She is *awesome*. And I just found out she wants to try out to be a Blazer dancer. She's even got the hair flip down. She's been practicing (smiiiile).

That's my sis making the funny face...

She's second row from the back, second one in from the left (the blonde w/one hand on her hip)

We loved watching all the different routines. The costumes. The spirit (it's in the rule book). The hair extensions. I found my favorite were the hip hop routines. I just loooove dancing to the hip hop. Or I used to, when I did such things. My absolute fave of the entire competition were these kiddos doing a hip hop routine. They were little. But they had skiiiills. I really think they stole the show. Them, and of course, my awesome sister. You know, we are a lot alike. I do need to work on my hair flip though.

I'm not finished yet either. Long weekend. We also had the sleepover. My oldest went to a birthday party sleepover and my little one had a friend over here. The kiddos finally passed out over here at like 10:30 or something. My oldest...I think she finally passed out at like 3 a.m. She looked like it too. I'm just gonna pretend like her staying up until 3 a.m., in second grade doesn't bother me. Hmmm...I may have to blog about this.

It took them a while, but they finally passed out...almost in the same sleeping bag...

There's more stuff to say( there always is), but I'm sure you've got things to do. Despite my absolute need to do nothing at all today, I know I've got things to do too--math homework.

Thanks for playing!


Rena said...

Awww, looks like the girls had a great time anyway. :)

Dee from Downunder said...

I can imagine hubby's heart swelling with pride at the snowboarding!

Good on your sister too ..woo hoo!

Hillary said...

Very cool...ALL of it. A very full week...made me tired just reading through it. You guys are like SuperParents! I so need to bite the bullet more often. My place under this rock is really not "all that." Must show the girls "the world."